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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Transform your home without spending too much using luxurious vinyl tiles. These types of flooring, also called LVT, are becoming more popular for their durability and affordability. Some even come in bright colors, so you can indeed find one that will suit your taste! In terms of durability alone, they have at least five layers which means they’re not easy to break by accident; this is why many homeowners choose them over other types such as laminate or hardwood floors.

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Things You Need To Know About LVTs

What Are The Different Types Of Vinyl Flooring?

There are several different types of vinyl flooring.

There are various installation methods for these materials: Glue-down sheets, attached directly to the subfloor with adhesive; they’re great for bathrooms or large rooms that require multiple seams (or if you want more stability). Loose lay sheets sit atop the subfloors without adhesives, while floating LVT sits right over any surface as long as it’s too rough to glue down properly. These latest innovations include a rigid waterproof core so there will be no warping from moisture buildup underneath. They are very versatile, easy to install, and can be used in any room in the house.

What Are The Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  1. Easy To Clean
    Vinyl floors are super easy to clean and maintain. With regular sweeping and occasional mopping, you won’t have any problems with dirt or sludge ruining your precious flooring!
  2. Water-Resistant
    Luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for wet environments like bathrooms or basements. It’s made of waterproof materials so that it can withstand water immersion, and you’ll never have to worry about damage from spills because luxury vinyl flooring can dry out without any damage.
  3. Comfort
    The soft, cushioned feel of vinyl flooring is a perfect choice for any space in your office or home. It’s also an optimal option for extended-standing tasks like cooking because they provide more cushion underfoot than other materials, including hardwood and tile floors.
  4. Sound Dampening
    Vinyl flooring can absorb sound – making it an excellent option for homes with kids. It absorbs noise better than many other types of flooring and is softer to walk on, so you’ll be able to stay focused while your little one plays without being distracted by the sounds.
  5. Stylish
    Luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect way to get that elegant, high-end feel without breaking your budget. They look and even feel like hardwood, ceramic tile, or stone, and nobody can tell that it’s not the real thing.

What Are The Different Looks That You Can Achieve With Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

There are many different looks that you can achieve with luxury vinyl tiles, and each one has its own merits. Read on to find out!

  1. Wood-Look LVT
    LVT is an attractive alternative to natural wood. It looks just as realistic, but it’s also waterproof and easier to maintain than hardwood floors! It makes LVT perfect for bathrooms with constant moisture or kitchens that are prone to spills.
  2. Stone-Look LVT
    Stone-look LVT has all the beauty and versatility of natural stones at a fraction of the cost. In addition, these versatile, durable flooring types can mimic any stone surface that you desire to achieve your perfect space!
    Imagine what it would be like to have an expensive marble or travertine tile bathroom without having to shell out hundreds of dollars for the installation fee. With Stone-Look LVT, those dreams are now achievable for everyone while being environmentally conscious about their purchases too.
  3. Plank And Tile Size
    LVT flooring can offer the illusion of wood or stone with a less expensive and more durable option. With LVTs, it is possible to mimic popular hardwood floors’ look and size and choose from larger sizes for square vinyl that imitate natural stones.
  4. LVT Color Trends
    LVT is a beautiful way to add modern elegance and creativity to your home. You can choose from different color options, including white marble or deep brown wood shades. It’s up to you what creative design you want for your space!
  5. Chevron And Herringbone
    The Chevron and Herringbone patterns are not solely achieved using tiles. Instead, they can reproduce them using LVT as well, which is much easier to install.
Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?
Luxury vinyl tiles or LVT are floor coverings that look and feel like natural materials, such as wood, stone, etc. These tiles can be installed quickly and maintain high performance for a long time. They also offer easy installation and durability to last you all your years at an affordable price!

Where Can I Install Vinyl Flooring?
Vinyl flooring can be installed in any room, as long as the subfloor is smooth and level. You can install it over almost any type of surface – concrete, wood, or even vinyl! 

Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Require Any Special Cleaning?
No, Luxury vinyl flooring is not just low maintenance; it’s also the easiest to clean. Sweep your floors regularly and prevent dirt or grit from gathering on them by mopping with water regularly.

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